1986 Sino-USA Upper Yangtze River Expedition


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BREAKING NEWS:  CHINA CENTRAL TV (A Government-run Television Station aired on January 4th, 2010 and January 11th, 2010 a Review of the 1986 Yangtze Expeditions.  The second episode focused on the Sino-American team. It was said "The American team, led by Ken Warren, was so well-prepared and relatively physically and technically good also had to bow and respect the Great River."   It gave great praise to the Spirit and Courage of challenging the Yangtze River.


In 1987 the David Shippee family filed a wrongful death suit for 1.3 million dollars against Ken and Jan Warren. In 1990, in the Federal Court of Idaho, a unanimous verdict of not guilty was awarded the Warrens based on the assumption of risk clause that all expedition members signed. The Warrens refused a settlement agreement citing they wanted to go to trial as the outcome would set a precedent for future expedition leaders.

In 1988 Ken lead the first successful expedition on the Chenab River in Kashmir, India. Returning Yangtze team members were Ken and Jan Warren, Ancil Nance, Paul Sharpe and Larry Jolidan.

In 2006 The Chinese hosted a 20 year reunion on the history of the Yangtze. The Sino USA River Expedition was noted as #1 and they awarded Ken Warren a life achievement trophy, honoring him as "the father of river running in China." Zhang Jiyue flew from Chengdu, China to Beijing to accept this award.

In September of 2008 Jan Warren flew to Beijing for a reunion of Chinese team members and accepted this trophy.


"THE CHANGJIANG RIVER"  Selected for Milan International Ficts Festival

Company: CCTV China Central Television
Country: P.R. Of CHINA
Section: Sport & Society - Education
Discipline: Rafting
Year of Production: 2010
Director: Cai Jun, Lanjing
Producer: Zhang Hong, Shixuping
Co-Producer: Salvo Matranga
Editing: Cai Jun, Lanjing
Photo: Liuyang, Shan Hong Yu
Length: 84’


The Changjiang River is in the heart of every Chinese. It is a dangerous river, but it is considered an heaven for adventurers. Ken Warren, a famous American adventure, announced his plan of rafting the Changjiang River  in 1985. His decision made an huge effect in China, which was beginning its economical reform in the last years. Being isolated for decades, Chinese people didn’t realized the gap between China and the more advanced Countries. Only patriotism and nationalism consoled the pride. Therefore, when a foreigner, especially an American whose country's ideology was in contrast to that of China, tried to raft through the Changjiang River, the matter went beyond sport: the river could only be rafted for the first time by Chinese people. No matter they were Chinese or American, people who ventured the river are now part of the Changjiang River 's history.